Grand tour of the Tenere desert Aïr/Ténéré Tour by arbre du Ténéré Aïr-Adrar Chiriet Trek trough Aïr by foot or camelback
Aïr/Ténéré in seven days Aïr mountains Camelback in Aïr 12/14 days River Niger in dugout canoe, Tapoa Park

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To reach us 

Please do contact us to prepare your expedition with our advice or to have more information.

at once
by e-mail : dunes@dunes-voyages.com
by fax
by mail
by phone
in Niamey
during summer

By Fax (safest and fastest)

The number you have to dial from your country is the international prefix followed by 871 76 206 00 70 : we will receive a receive a good and complete copy of your document. You may also try our normal fax line (227 20 440 272) but at present Agadez network is unreliable and overcrowded.

By mail

You can write directly to the agency, at this address :

BP 279


By phone

The number to dial for the telephone is your international prefix followed by 227 20 440 372. Lines are often very busy, so do not hesitate to try several times.

We have also a contact agent in NIAMEY :

BP 16065
Tel:(227) 96 98 58 71

During summer

June marks the end of tourism period because of the rainy season. During summer (June, July and August), you can join us in France to prepare your next expedition :

504 route de Saint-Fonds
69400 GLEIZE
Tel/Fax : 00 33 (0)4 74 62 36 27