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Aïr/Ténéré in seven days Aïr mountains Camelback in Aïr 12/14 days River Niger in dugout canoe, Tapoa Park

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Going downriver in a motorized dugout canoe, you will explore bird islands, stop at small villages to enjoy their lively and colorful markets and watch zebus cross the river with their herdsmen swimming in their wake. The rest of the trip will be spent discovering the rich fauna and splendid landscape of the Réserve du W.

DAYS 1 to 3
. Departure from Niamey, upriver from Kennedy Bridge. Going downriver, we greet fishermen in their small canoes, go ashore in small villages. Nights are spent outside, on islands filled with migratory birds, amidst typical savanna vegetation. Unforgettable hours under clear, starry skies follow the evening meal, always based on fish bought by the cook directly from fishermen nearby and barbecued on the campfire.

DAYS 4 and 5.
Early in the morning, we arrive at the Tapoa Park pier and hop in a van to explore the Réserve du W. A rich sample of African fauna can be spotted there : buffaloes, elephants, lions, wild boars, antelopes, deer… Evening meals are taken at the park’s campground, where we spend the night in large tents with beds, mattresses and mosquito nets.

DAY 6. After breakfast, we return by car to to Niamey where we arrive around midday.

Provided by operator : dugout canoes — van — foam mattresses — mosquito nets — full board.

Price for the six-day tour from Niamey for a party of
7 or more : 335 Euros (2.200 FF) per person
6 = 350 Euros (2.300 FF) " "
5 = 380 Euros (2.500 FF) " "
4 = 440 Euros (2.900 FF) " "
3 = 530 Euros (3.500 FF) " "
2 = 715 Euros (4.700 FF) " "
1 = 1265 Euros (8.300 FF) " "

NOTE: these prices apply to the 2002/2003 season, save for an abnormal rise in local prices.